Getting Started with Podcasts

It's easy to get started with the Fabric Down Under Podcast !

I'd like it to stream to me right now!

In that case, go to our Podcasts page and simply find the show that interests you. Click on the name of the guest for the show you'd like to hear. On most versions of Windows, that would start the file playing immediately as it streams to you.

I'd like to download it to listen to later

This is similar but all you need to do differently (once you have found the show of interest) is to right-click the name . On most versions of Windows, that would give you an option to "Save target as..." to start the download.

I'd like to have the shows automatically be sent to me

If you would like to have iTunes (or any other aggregator) automatically download shows for you, you simply need to point it at our show's XML link. To do this in iTunes, click on "Advanced" at the top of the screen, then click on "Subscribe to Podcast". Then enter the following address (note that the file name is case-sensitive). The shows will be brought to you automatically as we publish them:

If you just want to know when new shows are published, you could also subscribe to Greg's blog at